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Raising the crown - wrong branches removed

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Removing only secondary branches from the interior of the crown does little to solve the clearance issues with this oak tree (left) because in a few years all have grown back (right). To begin a program that will help solve the clearance issue, low limbs should be removed now, and those in the mid-crown shortened with reduction cuts. This encourages growth in the center and top portion of the crown which places the tree on a program aimed at a permanent solution. The goal is to eventually develop branches that will clear the vehicles without the need for large pruning cuts. Although removal cuts made now low on the trunk will be large causing some trunk dysfunction, they will be even larger years from now if the pruning shown above continues. Under the current program, low branches are forced to grow very long so they sag and droop because removal of interior branches is restricting development of taper.

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Recently raised by removing secondary branches Same tree four years later

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