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Planting Details and Specifications

Standard tree planting language was established through publication of the ANSI A300 transplanting standard most recent addition.  Although the standard encourages the profession to write detailed planting specifications, few have become readily available or recognized.  As a result, many in the green industry use out-of-date specifications.

Dr. Ed Gilman from University of Florida, Jim Urban, FASLA, and Brian Kempf and Tyson Carroll of the Urban Tree Foundation have developed a modern, up-to-date and peer reviewed set of details and specifications in AutoCAD and PDF formats for the green industry.  These are designed specifically for landscape architects, engineers, architects, contractors, urban foresters, arborists, municipalities and state agencies.  All are open source, free and can be edited by the user.  You and your colleagues are free to use them in projects without charge and without credit to the Urban Tree Foundation or any of the project team members.  Although we encourage modification to fit your specific site and project needs, make your changes only after carefully considering all the pertinent variables at the planting site.

Funding for this project was provided by the California Department of Forestry (CDF), Urban Forestry Program.

Details (76)
•  Planting (14)   (ZIP: 3.4 MB)
•  Staking (4)   (ZIP: 1.1 MB)
•  Planting soil modications (13)   (ZIP: 3.3 MB)
•  Inspection (observation) (5)   (ZIP: 1.7 MB)
•  Correction (modification) (4)   (ZIP: 1.4 MB)
•  Irrigation (33)   (ZIP: 5.6 MB)
•  Tree protection (3)   (ZIP: 1.0 MB)

•  Planting (PDF, Word)
•  Planting soil (PDF, Word)
•  Irrigation (PDF, Word)
•  Tree protection (PDF, Word)
•  All Specifications (DWG)
   All Specification Files  (ZIP: 2.1 MB)

   Free DWG Viewers & Editors

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