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Structural pruning ash

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Before pruning After pruning
Many stems and branches are clustered together and competing for the same space on the trunk at the position of the arborist. In addition, two stems were reduced two years ago just under the arborist on the right side of the tree. Some of the stems and branches were removed from the cluster, and one of the previously shortened lower branches on the right was removed.
Three years later - before pruning After pruning
In the three years since the last pruning, stems and branches in the upper part of the crown grew mostly upright. Property owner also would like more sunlight to reach the plants under the tree. Lower crown was lifted by removing three large, previously pruned branches where the arborist is standing. This will allow more sunlight to reach plants below. Upright growing and long stems and branches in the upper crown were suppressed by removing the longest part of the stems back to lateral branches.

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